Supplemental Safety Device

On December 14, 2012 the American people were shocked and saddened with the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Since then, a cry has come to increase school safety. Schools have always been con­sidered a soft target by terror­ist. History has taught us that school assailants thrive on the body count. They can achieve a high body count with the easily accessible classrooms. We need to create a safer school by hardening the target.

S.O.S is an easy to use supple­mental safety device used to deter a gunman access to the classroom. There are no keys needed to secure the device and only allows the immediate staff to have access to the device which is undetectable from the outside and the intruder. This offers classrooms immedi­ate protection to those inside. As we know, in a crisis, time is of the essence. It could be the difference between life and death. When using S.O.S teachers will have more time to protect the children. If a lockdown is ordered the teacher just simply needs to walk to the door and secure the locking mechanism into place.

Patent pending